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Singapore Tchoukball Character Programmes for Social, Emotional Learning (SEL)

Singapore Tchoukball’s vision is to celebrate and spread the true spirit of Tchoukball to schools, organisations and individuals as a recreation. We believe in the spirit of the game and we are eager to spread the educational aspect of Tchoukball and the benefits it can bring to players.

We believe strongly that Tchoukball promotes an active, fun lifestyle and key life skills. It is a sport that can allow individuals to truly experience the inclusion within a team, increase their sense of self-confidence, inculcate good social behavior such as respect for one another, and honesty.

Have you ever wonder why some children grow up to be accomplished adults in challenging careers and satisfying relationships, but some other children from similar backgrounds and academic performances end up depressed, unaccomplished individuals with ungratifying relationships? The answer may just be in SEL, which is a new theory that is recognised by educators that EQ plays a tremendous edge in determining an individual's overall success!

Singapore Tchoukball is a leader in Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

In short, doing well academically is not enough. We need introduce social emotional learning programmes that will increase our children's capacity to learn, give them the tools to aspire to personal and professional achievements, and enable them to experience personal satisfaction. Physical activity has positive influences on concentration, memory and classroom behavior, and a positive relationship with intellectual performance (Trudeau Shephard, 2008)

Who has benefitted from our Tchoukball Character Programmes?

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn! Singapore Tchoukball works closely with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS) to provide Tchoukball Character Programmes for youths and youths at risk. We conduct regular Tchoukball Character at Juvenile Homes and work closely with MCYS to bring SEL focused programmes to youths. Our Tchoukball Character Camp helps to engage youths actively using our unique structured activity participation to motivate them for higher achievements in schools.

Singapore Tchoukball is a pioneer for PAL Programmes

At Singapore Tchoukball, we provide schools with Programme for Active Learning (PAL) programmes:

Singapore Tchoukball is a pioneer when it comes to PAL programmes! Carefully designed PAL programmes have reached out and benefitted schools. Every session will end with a reflection and time will be set aside for the students to discuss their learning experiences. As Tchoukball is one of the best sports to promote key values to students, we will take every opportunity to impart character education in our sport.

Who has benefitted from our Tchoukball Programmes?

Schools like Raffles Girls Primary, Hwa Chong, Peiying, ITE Colleges, North Vista, Jurong West, Beatty, CHIJ St Theresa and more!

What is the PAL programme?

PAL is an initiative by the Ministry of Education to complement primary schools' effort in developing character and imparting valuable life-skills.

At Singapore Tchoukball, we believe that tchoukball is THE best sport to bring across key lifeskills to students!

Our PAL Programme provides

1. Experiential Learning - you feel it to learn it!

2. It's always fun and game! Singapore Tchoukball designed a Game Approach that is Fun and Enjoyable

3. Creates learning opportunities in a creative way and totally out of the box

4. Provide opportunities to exercise creativity

5. Incorporate character development and social emotional learning SEL

Why choose Singapore Tchoukball Programmes for PAL?

- Fun and Interactive Activity

· Encourage new experiences and self-discovery

· Connection of theory and practice e.g. what is the spirit of the games

· Sense of sportsmanship, confidence and camaraderie

· Adapting to new and unfamiliar scenarios /circumstances

· Communication and teamwork

Contact us at enquiry@singaporetchoukball.org for a customised program for your school!

What is Tchoukball?

Tchoukball was a sport invented by Dr. Hermann Brandt (1897-1972) an eminent Swiss physician and physical educator in the 1960s. His scientific background and his experience in the practical application of scientific knowledge led him to develop the sport of tchoukball.

Dr Brandt wrote a book titled From Physical Education to Sport Through Biology, and presented his now-famous paper Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports. For this work he won the coveted Thulin Prize, a world competition on the theory of physical education organized by the International Physical Education Federation (FIEP).

Why was tchoukball invented? The Principles of Tchoukball:

Dr Brandt's focus was to create a team sport that will promote the principles of

1) Being competitive without encouraging aggression.

2) Avoiding violent confrontations and increasing self-confidence.

3) Developing the ability to concentrate.

4) Promoting problem-solving and anticipation as well as physical ability

5) Teaching teamwork and building positive social behavior, teaching principles of physics.

Advantages of Tchoukball

Tchoukball is an excellent sport for teambuilding and imparting life skills to youth. It is a sport that teaches RESPECT for all players, and increases SELF-CONFIDENCE in individuals.

It is a sport that is primarily non violent and non-aggressive with no interception, no defense or no interference allowed designed to promote enjoyable matches between individuals as between nations.

Tchoukball is an unique sport that avoids the tense competitiveness which exist in many team sports. This is a game that allows each player to express him/herself within their own physical and intellectual capabilities. It is a game where players of different capabilities can play together without a weaker (or even handicapped) player being played out of, or left out of, the game.