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News & Events for 2011/2010


2nd Southeast Asia Tchoukball Championship 2011!
27 October to 30 October in HCM, Vietnam

Singapore will compete in the 2nd SEA Tchoukball Championship 2011 together with Philippines. Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos. This is an excellent opportunities for countries to exchange pointers, interact and celebrate sportsmanship. This is going to be one exciting match that cannot be missed!

2011 World Tchoukball Championshops
3rd to 7th August, Ferrara Italy

The world's biggest international Tchoukball Event ever! It has 14 countries in participation with Singapore finishing 4th in the Men's Category and 3rd in the Women's Category.

Tchoukball @ ITALY
8 - 9 May 2010 
International Beach Tchoukball Event held in memory of Dr Hermann Brandt

Tchoukball @ Singapore 
9 to 11 July 2010
Asia Tchoukball Cup happening once every 4 years. 10 Countries meeting in Singapore for this tournament.

Men — Singapore A & B, Chinese Taipei, India, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates,
Women — Singapore A & B, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Macau
M18 Boys — Singapore A & B, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam
M18 Girls — Singapore, Chinese Taipei
M12 Boys — Singapore A & B, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates
M12 Girls — Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia

For more information visit http://redsports.sg/2010/07/06/asia-pacific-tchoukball-championship/

Tchoukball @ Singapore 
Beach Tchoukball Event organised by NTU Sports Club.