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About Us

Singapore Tchoukball’s vision is to celebrate and spread the true spirit of Tchoukball to schools, organisations and individuals as a recreation. We believe in the spirit of the game and we are eager to spread the educational aspect of Tchoukball and the benefits it can bring to players.

We believe strongly that Tchoukball promotes an active, fun lifestyle and key life skills. It is a sport that can allow individuals to truly experience the inclusion within a team, increase their sense of self-confidence, inculcate good social behavior such as respect for one another, and honesty.

What do we do?

Singapore Tchoukball works with schools and organisations to promote and integrate Tchoukball into their fitness, teambuilding and life skills programmes.

In schools, we bring Tchoukball to their physical education curriculum through workshops, courses, tournaments or holiday camps. We provide support and training for teachers, coaches or team through running tournaments.

For corporations, we run teambuilding events like Tchoukball Workshops, Tchoukball Beach Tournaments for Teambuilding Days. physical education and recreation professionals to augment their programs.

Our programmes are endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council and are available for subsidy under the Sports Education Programme (SEP) and Health Promotional Board.